Practice inflating and controlling the wing, take-off and landing

In the Basic course at our school, you get optimally prepared for the next step of your training: the high altitude flights. On the training slope, you mainly train launching and landing safely confidently, during about 4 half-days. You make starting exercises and short gliding downhill with radio instructions, in good conditions. You get direct feedback for each start exercise and landing from the flight instructor.

With a bit more wind, we practice controlling the glider on the ground. In the technical jargon, we call this "ground control", which can make almost as much fun as big flights. Training a lot on the ground gives you a better feeling for your wing and makes you a better pilot in the air.

The Basic Course is relatively intense physically. It is the training period during which you burn the most calories. In the evening, you will be tired but happy. To be progress more efficiently, as a rule, 2 students share an equipment and help each other for starting preparation. In this way, you can make short breaks and be fully focused when it is your turn to practice.


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