Your way to the tandem license

If your are of age, you have completed 150 flights and you have a pilot license for more than a year, you can start the training for the tandem pilot license.

Biplace 1 (pilot-pilot)

The Tandem 1 training consists in an introductory flight in tandem with your instructor and 10 flights with a licensed pilot as passenger under the supervision of the instructor. You obtain the tandem 1 license (pilot-pilot) if you succeed at the practical exam.

Biplace 3 (pilot-passenger)

To perform (commercial) passenger flights with non-licensed persons, you must have the Tandem 3 license. The training for the tandem 3 level encompasses 40 tandem flights with a licensed pilot as passenger. At least 20 of these 40 flights must be performed under the supervision of an instructor. The exam consists of a theoretical exam on passenger flights, a solo practical exam and a tandem practical exam. You can register for the theoretical exam only if you are at least 20 years old. You need to pass the theoretical exam to register at the solo practical exam, and you must have the tandem 1 license for at least 6 months. The need to pass the solo practical exam to register for the tandem practical exam.


The tandem training takes place within the normal flying program of the school. If you are buying your tandem equipment through the Magiclift school, the tandem training costs CHF 350. Without purchase of a tandem equipment through the school, we charge an extra CHF 500.


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