Theory course: 5 subjects, 7 double lectures

For the pilot license theory exam, you need to demonstrate basic knowledge in 5 subjects: flight principles, flying practice, meteorology, equipment and regulation.

With a theoretical background, you can avoid careless decisions during flights and therefore increase the fun factor. A solid understanding of aerology and meteorology, good knowledge of the regulation and equipment are necessary for you to feel confident in the air. You can always learn something new and use it to your advantage. This also true for old hands.

For you to get familiar with the needed basics, we offer evening theory courses in 7 double lectures and a test exam. The theory course (in German) covers the material for the theoretical license exam, and is also useful as refresher for licensed pilots.

For pilots who want to deepen their practice and learn more about miniwing and speed flying, we also offer a miniwing/speed flying course, which covers the basics of these fields.


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