Starting to play with the wing...

In a paragliding initiation day, you will get familiar with the equipment and learn its correct handling. You will experience in a playful way how easy it is to take off with an easy-to-handle, well-behaved school glider of modern construction: on a slight slope, you pull the glider above your head, learn to control it on the ground, and practise take off and landing. Your first trials give you a feeling of successful progression and you make your first hops. After few trials, you are already able to make your first short flights over the training slope. To progress quickly, you will get direct and immediate feedback on all your start attempts and landings.

After this initiation day, you evaluate whether you have a personal affinity for paragliding or not. If you have picked up the virus of flight, you can get the cure for it through the Basic Course or Licence Course at our school.

Gift cards for initiation days are also available in our online shop. This is an present for someone you want to make unforgettably happy.

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