Speedflying - Speedriding - Speedgliding

Speedflying, also known as speedriding or speedgliding, is a new type of sport. It joins together the use of small and compact wings with freeride skiing, and is mostly practiced in winter on steep slopes. The game with the slope, the high speed and the very low altitude require a high concentration and give a kick. With a good training and responsible behavior, speed flying can be practiced safely.

Self-taughts in speedflying and miniwing put themselves in great danger. Training must not be skipped. This not only unlawful, but also dangerous to the highest level, as numerous accidents of untrained riders have shown.

The paragliding license is a requirement for the speedriding training.


Miniwings are small paraglider wings, which differ from speedflying or paragliding wings not only by their size. Their use spans from fun-flying, thermal flying, Hike+fly, contour flying, acro flying and soaring in strong winds and even speedriding. The simplicity of these small wings in good conditions often make people forget how challenging some aspects of their handling is. Under no circumstance should one go and try a miniwing without a serious introduction.

Speedgliding-/miniwing theory evening and practical course

Do you want to learn more about miniwings or speedflying? Then we recommend to you to attend our theory evening course. There you will learn about the differences between the wings and their adequate use cases. This is the safest way for you to get the right wing and enjoy also small wings with most pleasure and safety. Properties such as launching behavior, canopy stability and roll behavior vary strongly and are only top for few models.

We offer for licensed pilots special speedflying courses (in German) with exam inclusive together with the paragliding academy airpole. You can find the prices here in the continuing training section.

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