Flying as passenger - a fascinating experience

A tandem flight is the easiest, safest and fastest way to make a step in the world of paragliding and discover the most beautiful landscapes from above. If you are curious to experience the feeling of paragliding, a tandem flight is just the thing you need.

With a 40 square meters glider and the most recent equipment, we take off within a few meters only. As with a solo glider, we can use the weak winds, or depending on the weather fly with birds in the thermals, sometimes up to the cloud base. Whether we just quietly glide to the landing place, fly as long and high as possible in the thermals or make dynamic maneuvers, depends only on you and the weather conditions. The only prerequisites to fly as a passenger are good shoes, a wind-proof jacket and minimum 30 kg body weight.

In the air, the pilot and passenger roles are easily exchangeable, so that you can also try and stir the glider by yourself. In this way, you can get easily and impression and decide if you want to start the pilot training, and practice regularly the nicest and easiest flying sport.

A tandem paragliding flight as gift card

If you want to give a special and unforgettable present to someone, you can purchase flight tickets for a tandem joyride flight or Big-Air tandem flight.

Available anywhere in German-speaking Switzerland

If you want to experience flying in a precise region: we are working with experienced professional pilots in different regions of German-speaking Switzerland. Therefore we can offer tandem flights also in central Switzerland, in eastern Switzerland, in Berner Oberland, Glarnerland, Bündnerland and Wallis.

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