Flying... higher, farther and longer

You will be ready for your first big flight when you can inflate and control the glider on the ground under different wind conditions, and you have practiced good landing technique on the training slope. In this training step, the goal is that you become progressively more and more autonomous. This means a lot of flight practice in big flights and some theory in easy to digest lumps. The more time you invest in your paragliding training, the fastest you will be ready for the license exam.

As student pilot, you will get introduced step by step into flying techniques under the monitoring of the flight instructor, through radio instructions. For each flight, you get detailed instructions for a technical exercise adapted to your level. You learn flying maneuvers, get your first experience of thermal flying and try to increase progressively the duration of your flights. You learn to assess the challenges of take-off and landing places and you take part actively in the weather briefing to become able to assess the conditions in the air from the ground.

As you get more experienced, you will depend less and less on the instructions of the flight instructor. Eventually, you become able to perform the landing approach autonomously. As you progress, we let you fly "with a long leach" and circle into thermals.

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