How much does paragliding cost?

Paragliding is by far the most affordable flying sport. As soon as you have your own equipment and fly autonomously as licensed pilot, the cost stay very modest. And if you are so into it, it might cost you all your other good weather outdoor activities :-)

A complete equipment for your training phase - glider wing, harness and reserve - will cost you between CHF 3500 (second-hand) and about CHF 5500 (new).

All the transport costs related to the training amount to about CHF 500.- in total.

As soon as you are flying with your own equipment, you must have a third party liability insurance. Most pilots from Switzerland are insured through the collective insurance contract of the Swiss Hangliding Federation (SHV) at Generali, with a yearly fee of CHF 73.

The examination for the license, which has unlimited validity, consists in a theoretical exam followed by a practical exam. For each exam, the SHV collects a fee of CHF 125.

In some flying sites, there is a small fee for takeoff or landing, as a rule CHF 2 per flight or CHF 5 per day. This is how the clubs compensate the farmers for the use of their meadows where we takeoff or land. That's all.



normal pricereduced price for students
Initiation dayCHF 120.-CHF 120.-equipment included
Basic course
with 1 high altitude flight
(solo oder Tandem)
CHF 850.-CHF 790.-equipment included
Licence course*
all-in-one from initiation day to licence
CHF 2'950.-CHF 2'750.-equipment included
for 5 flights
In the case of separate bookings, already paid costs for the initiation day and for the basic course are deducted from the training package at the licence course rate.
* The all-in-one-package can only be offered for this price when buying the paragliding equipment in our school. If the equipment is bought from another dealer there is a surcharge of CHF 1'500.- to pay.


Refresher course / coaching /
renewal license course
CHF 350.-Support during high altitude flights for 4 months
Biplace 1*CHF 350.-20 high altitude flights on the tandem
Biplace 3CHF 450.-30 high altitude flights on the tandem
S.I.V. TrainingCHF 190.-1 day
 Miniwing / Speedflying theory courseCHF 50.-Theorieabend
Speedflying courseCHF 790.-including theory, exam and equipment for 1 day
* Price if the tandem glider is bought from Magiclift. When purchasing a tandem wing from another source, an extra charge of 750.- francs applies.


Joyride tandemflightCHF 160.-tandemflight within schooling activities
Big-Air tandemflightCHF 220.-Soaring or thermaling session
Team building event on the training slopeCHF 1'900.-for a team up to 16 persons
Fotoshootingsaccording to agreement


per flightper dayper year
GuestflightCHF 30.-CHF 50.--
Rent paragliding equipmentCHF 40.-CHF 90.-CHF 1'850.-
Rent speedflying equipmentCHF 60.-CHF 90.--


Description of unserer Services

Paraglider checkCHF 270.-
Laser measuring line geometryCHF 190.-
Porosity measuring canopyCHF 50.-
Packing of reserveCHF 60.- (min.)
Reserve check after deployCHF 90.-
Symmetry check paragliderCHF 60.-
Working hourCHF 90.-

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