Individual coaching after the license

You can really enjoy flying only if you know what you are doing with your glider. You can benefit from our experience also after the license and continue to develop your pilot skills.

In the last years, the construction and technology of gliders have continued to develop. This has brought improvements in safety, gliding performance and behavior in thermals. This has opened up new possibilities, and we help you to use them. Routine is a good requirement for you to feel good when you are flying solo. We recommend our coaching in case of lack of routine, switching from an old-type glider to a modern glider, or changing to a higher class of glider certification.

Coming back to the world of paragliding

After a long pause in your paragliding activity, it is strongly recommended to take a refresher course with us.The movement sequences can be a bit rusty, in the interest of safety it is preferable to reassimilate them. It is possible that your weather judgment capacity needs to be adjusted or some misconceptions need to be corrected. We take people getting back to paragliding at the level where they currently are. Our paragliding school takes you with a personalized refresher program to a better level of safety and autonomy.

Just come to us. We will set up for you a very personalized practical course, adapted to your level of knowledge and know-how. As licensed pilot, you can benefit from the supervision and logistics of our training program, and you always have the freedom to go cross-country flying in good conditions.


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