Spring thermal hopping in Slovenia

The eastern Alpine arc is an excellent playground in the spring for extensive thermal and cross-country flying. Because of the more southerly location and the southern orientation of the mountains, the snowmelt is already more advanced than at home and the launch sites are easily accessible earlier in the year. But because there is still a lot of snow in the high mountains, the demolition edges are clearly visible. On good days, you only have to come up once and can then follow the clouds tactically delphinious without much to circle.

In the week after Easter it is a good time for Paragliding in the Soča Valley. The airspace in the Slovenian flying sites is quite busy at this time of year, so you often in a group with others.. This makes the cross-country flying easy and allows flights with a high average speed.

On our trip to Slovenia, we pass several good flying sites and of course we do not want to leave them behind if it fits. 

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March 29 2024 - April 6 2024
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Flying week Austria / Slovenia 2024
Soča-Valley, Slovenia
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Flying week Austria / Slovenia 2025
Soča-Valley, Slovenia